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    I've been retired almost a year now. Lost my mother just a few days before I retired in 2007. The first 4 months of retirement were busy taking care of her estate. Then the weather warmed and there was lots to do outside. Since the weather has turned cold again, I find I need something to keep my mind busy. It's easy to stay busy physically, but I need something to challenge me mentally. Any suggestions?

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    Need Purpose

    Hi judy w ... retired,
    Here's something to occupy you in the next period when you have three uninterrupted hours available.
    Give some thought to who you are.
    Strengths and weaknesses.
    Relationships to others.
    Then ... what have you thought over the years that you'd like to do some day? That you've been putting off - no time! Or for whatever other reason - timidity?
    A study of some subject (whether formally in a course(s) ... or informally, on your own)? A hobby?
    How far to the nearest library?
    They have books, movies, computers (including internet connections - but you have that now).
    Study a variety of things - including how to manage money.
    Join a group - many have some interesting ones.
    Visit the community centre - there are many activities there , usually including some for seniors.
    Do you have a clearing house for opportunities for volunteer service in your community? Most have a wide enough variety that there's something to pique everyone's interest.
    Do you feel at home in your community? How about agreeing to canvass on streets near your home for a charity? I'll bet that you'll find at last three or four compatible people ... more likely half a dozen! Folks with whom you might like to get together for coffee, to visit a museum, take a trip, etc. occasionally.
    Is there a Big Sisters/Brothers agency in your area? Many kids need a relationship with an older same-gender person.
    Good wishes as you set out on this new adventure!!
    Remember - with regard to body and physical capabilities, and mental and spiritual capabilities, plus social, sport, educational, religious, etc. interests, as well:
    use _ them _ or _ lose_ them!!
    ole joyful

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    Here is a thought to consider. When you retire and if in good health think about helping people in some third world country. The knowledge we have while growing up in Canada, U.S.A., and excreta. The basic skills we learned while growing up like healthy eating and sanitation fixing things, wiring houses correctly dispelling myths and maintenance. All are tools that these counties need. ItĀs very fulfilling to see a person thanking you for helping then with knowledge that you thought was common sense to you. All the knowledge that you have acquired in your life here is an opportunity to put it to use.

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    What do you feel connected to, animals, children or the elderly? Helping others is very rewarding. I love animals and my condo building doesn't allow dogs. I volunteer at a local no kill shelter. If you love children there are many places to help out. Feeling that you are giving back to the world helps you feel needed again.

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    I am glad you posted this.....maybe there are some ideas I can use also. I retired in 2000 and so did my health...something all the time since then....surgeries, hip replacement...severe arthritis....tremor.....so I am very limited as to what I can physically do. Time is long on my hands....and how much house can I clean?....we don't get it dirty.
    I was a school secretary for 27 years, so I do volunteer twice a week at an local elementary school doing clerical work for the teachers....they seem to appreciate it and it keeps me in a "school situation", which I really do miss.
    I joined the Red Hatters group, but we have kinda folded....our leader doesn't seem to want to do anything that requires us to go out of town and there is nothing much to do here.....but do have 4-5 special lady friends who go out to lunch, movies, plays, etc.
    DH is retired, but he is constantly parked in his recliner watching TV 24/7 and I get tired of doing that.
    I do spend a lot of time on this web-site reading forums...some of them are so interesting...but the day goes by....but my mind is not challenged. The weather here is very cold, so sure is easy to just stay inside because I am terribly afraid of falling with this "artificial joint"....don't know if I could get back up.
    Good luck to you and maybe we both can get some ideas.



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