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    Overdraft Repayment?

    Right, so I've got an overdraft limit of 1000 and its been sat there at -989.99 somethiing for several months now (no activity - nothing in nothing out).

    I got a letter from my wan...sorry, bankers saying that since there has been no activity in the last few weeks that I need to make a payment. I think they forgot the 'or else we'll break yor legs' part.

    1) Was it in the small print that I had to regularly repay back the money I borrowed? I really wasn't aware and certainly wasn't told when the overdraft limit was agreed.

    2) Any ideas as to why they're so slow? I've left the overdraft dormant for almost a year now (I have two accounts!).

    Banking is confusing. And no, I'm not gonna go in anymore to ask my questions; all the dudes at my bank always have a way of saying things that seem incredibly patronising. I never leave without having a mini panic attack in those places.

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    It's usually in the terms and conditions that they can ask you to repay the overdraft at any time so they are allowed to do it. Why they've done it now I'm not sure, maybe their computer system flags up accounts that are overdrawn with no transactions going through them?

    Just happened to a mate of mine with Barclays...plead poverty and offer 10 a month or something.

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    Aw that sucks, any time? Barclays here too. I think its that stupid robot in the ads, hes gone insane and has probably held the workers up at gunpoint demanding all student account overdrafts to be repaid immeadiately.

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    Unfortunately ALL overdrafts, student, business, whatever, are repayable on demand by the bank at any time - if you've left it dormant for so long, they've probably just clicked on that you are using another account and so want to `prompt` you into paying this one back.

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    I got the Natwest overdraft just for the Railcard and havent yet made any transactions and they havent said anything. I thought they dont usually ask for repayment until u graduate.



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