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    Getting by with no grants

    Is anyone else in the situation that their parents earn too much for them to get any grants, so they don't know where to get the money from?

    We may earn that much, but it doesn't mean we have any money left once bills and morgages and debts what not have been paid for, so my parents can't afford to put hardly anything towards me being at uni.

    Therefore, I have no idea where to get the amount of money I will need, because obviously, the student loan and part time work won't be enough to cover what I need.

    So is there someway of getting extra grants or anything through your home expenditure being assessed as well as your income to help people above the cut off amount?


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    You should have been born to a poor family like me then.

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    I'm not eligible for any grants, it's unfair. .

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    I think they need to base it on a lot more than just income.
    It's just like EMA all over again. I can't afford to buy lunch half the time, while the people who get it save it up to buy new mobiles and i-pods.

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    Im not eligible either. I dunno whats going to happen with me in terms of finance. I'm trusting my parents to sort it out for me.



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