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    I know this is an old post but just in case anyone stumbles here. The Selfie Lottery is no longer running as of 15th May 2017 - if this changes I will update! Chammy

    So another new one, I'm not clued up on all of the ins and outs just yet, as the first draw isn't until 31 July.

    To enter the draw please take or upload a selfie. You can even choose from your favourite Facebook photos. Don't worry if you're not happy with your selfie, you can change it as often as your like from your account settings.

    You could be the first winner of The Selfie Lottery, and be 250 better off or 500 if you refer a friend!

    After the first draw you will automatically be entered into every single daily draw for the chance to win 10, or 20 if you refer a friend.

    It doesn't end there.. for every single day you come back to check if you've won, we will give you a 0 loyalty bonus that gets added to your total prize pot should you win.

    Registering is really simple, with lots of social options.

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    [OT] The Selfie Lottery

    Used your link to sign up - this could be good

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    Especially the bit about referrals. From the way I've understood, if one of your referrals wins then you win too!

    "You’ll get increased chances of winning, because if your friend wins the jackpot you’ll win the jackpot too! And because you’ve kindly referred your friend, any time either of you win the jackpot we will double it for you. Yes, double it! Make sure you both claim your winnings or one of you could lose out."

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    How generous HAHA

    Thanks for sharing the opportunity though

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    Another part of the site says 50p a day, not sure how sustainable this will be but worth a go.



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