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    How do you keep your tenants happy?

    I'm a small scale investor (2 properties and part way thru buying No 3) and have been very hands-off, leaving all contact with my tenants to my agent. Whilst reading Rob D's excellent book http://beginners.propertygeek.net I was reminded that my 'investment' is actually someone's home.
    I'm not wanting to become a hands-on landlord but do want to know that my tenants are happy and enjoy living in their home. I always make sure repairs are dealt with ASAP and keep gas safety checks up to date etc. but want to do more than the minimum.
    How do you other investors make sure you have contented tenants?
    ~ Chocolates at Christmas? I tried for this first time last year and got a great thank you message back.
    ~ Birthday cards? Bit stalkerish?
    ~ ??

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    Let them decorate to their taste, within reason, matt black with 'blood' running down the walls is hard to cover with magnolia

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    I keep it simple....

    I give them a nice property at a fair price.

    I don't know any of my tenants personally but the above formula has never failed me yet.

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    I think chocolates at Christmas is a nice touch. Other than that, I think all most tenants really want is to have things attended to quickly when they report them. Your agent should take care of that, but you can help your agent by responding to them quickly and not stalling on things that need to be done to delay an expense.

    Of course you'll get some tenants who'll silently seethe and not say anything, but your agent's inspections should pick up on anything that isn't as it should be.

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    I get mine a hamper each at Xmas, works out about 30 each. My wife thinks I'm too soft, but I reckon it's a nice touch and will (hopefully) in the long run keep a good relationship between myself and the tenants



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