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    New app out called snatch. I've just started today, it is an augmented reality were you have to collect boxes from local areas like
    pokemon go. Inside the boxes are coins or prizes. You can also snatch boxes from other local people.

    The box has to be active for 6 hours and then you won the prize.
    I've decided to give it a go for a few days and see if I get anything from it.

    My referral code is 6DKWT9

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    That's an awkward title for an app lol

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    Lol I never thought for that.
    So far I've opened 2 boxes and only won coins, though you use coins to steal boxes from others. I'll wait and see if I win any prizes, they have amazon vouchers, fit bit, nutribullet and loads of others

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    I've been playing this for a while. It's fun.............until you get mugged for all of your parcels lol. Although I've done a fair bit of mugging in return. I've won a couple of quid, a few NowTV passes and a discount voucher for some books (altogether now - woo-hoo)

    They seem to be dropping more golden parcels (with guaranteed cash inside) lately, sometimes up to 1000 inside, plus new prizes are being added inside random parcels on a regular basis. Playstations, flight tickets, Nandos vouchers and various things from Prezzybox, official Snatch t-shirts.

    If you do fancy a bit of virtual mugging, my referral code is: EEG8FD

    Keep a tight snatch y'all ;D

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    Fun game really. Winning vouchers, money etc for doing hardly nothing. Apart from when others steal parcels of you. :/
    My referral code: LYSE6Q



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