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    Strategies for a Shaky Market: the timing of retirement withdrawa

    This was a really interesting article from US News & World Report. It's the first one I've run across which points out the timing of when you start taking distributions is extremely important: not age, but the state of the market at the time you begin.

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    They have a terrible website - it took me forever to track down the URL for this article! Hope it proves useful to those here. The website is free and you don't need to register.
    Here is a link that might be useful: Portfolio Strategies for a Shaky Market

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    Thanks jkom. I've seen this laid out elsewhere and it really is startling what a bad market early in retirement can do to your game plan.

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    I have said that I refuse to borrow for consumption, but that I am not averse to borrowing to invest.
    Especially since I have calculated that I can borrow for investment purposes, given my plan and in the Canadian context, at very nearly nil net cost.
    This is assuming the asset accumulation phase of life.

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    I am rather inclined to borrow to invest over a period when markets appear to be down, moving through a low-priced phase, then paying off some to most of the loan as stock prices appreciate. Though this may be achieved on occasion by selling some assets, usually it is accomplished through using some savings from my pensions and (required annual) payouts from my tax-deferred retirement account.



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