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    Scary article from MoneyWeek

    Has anyone else seen or heard of this article doing the rounds. It's genuinely from MoneyWeek:


    Scary stuff!

    There is also this article which de-bunks it:


    Just wondered what other people's thoughts were!

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    This topic and article came up elsewhere some time ago, on LinkedIn I think.

    I too read the original article and thought 'Oh No, we're all doomed!'. Once you have read the second article and then go back it is so obviously a sales mission to buy their products it is unreal.

    Cleverly done though.

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    It just seems very extreme for a mere marketing ploy!

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    Sensationalism sells!

    That's why news papers will take a 0.3% rise in property prices and turn it into....

    Property Values Soar!

    When it should read...

    Property prices have had a modest increase in prices, it was anticipated by most people.

    Not as sexy.

    Moneyweek are just as extreme but from a different angle, for me though I think it tarnishes a publication that can at times be a good read.

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    It's a brilliant piece of copywriting, but I'm amazed that a supposedly credible magazine is going so shamelessly OTT.

    But if you can't beat 'em...tune in to the Property Podcast next week, and find out how to protect your portfolio from the inevitable invasion of our robot overlords. Plus, in our resource of the week, a great recipe for berries you've had to forage from the woods because civilisation has irrevocably collapsed.



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