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    How do you go about applying for student loans, bursaries, student bank accounts!? I have no idea on ANYTHING about student finance...could someone please give me a run down of everything I need to know and do.


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    No Idea!!! HELP NEEDED!!!

    i think all that business starts in march time, so need to worry atm

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    I'd start researching bursaries now.

    First up, look on the finance sections of the universities that you're applying to, they'll tell you more about the processes and what bursary schemes they're affiliated with. there are loads, trust me!

    You may also be eligible for a bursary based on the subject you're doing. Why not type in your broad subject area + busary into google (and the work 'UK' too), see what pops up. They tend to be more for sciency/engineeringy ones.

    There are even bursaries out there for people with a particular surname. So many people put up funds when hey die. Look into it, see if you're eligible for anything!

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    Student loans you can do online (but not yet it's wayyy too early lol) at www.studentfinancedirect.co.uk There's a handy calculator on there so you can at least found out how much you're entitled to in advance.

    Bank accounts...well I think all the main banks do them but some offer free gifts etc to go with them and it's worth comparing the interest free overdraft offered by each one as these usually differ. Barclays, Nat West, HSBC, Abbey, RBS, Lloyds etc all offer student accounts. But you won't be able to open one until you at least have (I think) either accepted an offer via UCAS or received an offer. If you go to any of the bank sites they'll tell you what you need. Again it's too early to apply now...try arounf July/August for next year.



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