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    As title, we want to know the sex of our baby but the local hospital said they can only be 90% sure, so I thought that’s pretty high so it’s certain really, then the following day a friend told us she had scans at the exact same hospital, they told her she was having a girl but it turned out to be a boy, she got loads of girlie clothes etc too! So this is why I’m looking into 4D scans, it’s meant to be 99.9% accurate or something like that?

    Is it a con to get people to spend on a scan that isn’t actually anymore accurate than a hospital scan?
    Has anyone had a 4D scan that turned out to be incorrect?


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    4D pregnancy scans, worth paying £50 for?

    With any scan they can only go with what they can see, sometimes babies are positioned awkwardly that is why they say they can only be a certain percentage sure of the babies sex.

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    I can't answer your question as that's entirely whether it's worth it to you however I can say that 90% is nothing like certain and that in one in ten cases the result will be different to the most likely case (not wrong as they are giving a probability but different). I make this point to make clear that you should not rely on a probability of 90%.

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    Just thinking about babies I lost and thinking sex was last thing I'd had wanted to know, it was just health matters not colour of clothes. Babies don't know what you dress them in.

    I'd have given anything for a 3D scan they weren't thought of back when I was trying to build a family. One picture is all I have of one baby as he was still born. The others well no one thought to take a picture. So a 3D scan would have been great.

    In the scheme of things I'm tempted to say 50 is a small price to pay for such a wonderful momento.

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    Says it all, every good wish molliepops.



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