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    Hi guys

    i have found an awesome website for dropshipping

    I make around 1200 per month with these guys.

    Check it out, i am sure you guys can do well with it to

    more info here - https://geekyprint.com/blog/dropship...-business--n39

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    geekyprint.com Dropshipping Prints

    Can we see some kind of proof of your 1200 earnings (I assume that's profit) from drop shipping

    I've tried drop shipping before and you just end up in a race to the bottom I found competing against other sellers

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    I am not going to screenshot my bank balance lol

    its taken me 1 year to get to this point, which i am happy with

    geekyprint.com is a great supplier and prices seem reasonable too!

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    going to have to remove this thread I'm afraid @lad28uk if you unable to provide proof of payments made to you that total 1200 a month

    Trust levels are VERY high on this site and we like to keep it that way

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    Well this is what i made last year

    Hope this helps

    Its all thanks to geekyprint.com




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