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    I am so torn about what to do~~

    Although I do not have a whole lot of money, what I do have, I want to keep~~ I have a moderate sum in an annuity (which I will need to pay taxes on when cashing), and I am trying to decide if I should cash it out, pay the taxes now and put the money under my mattress~~~~ I get so sick with each and every statement comes that it is going down, down, down. My advisor says that I need to stay in and it has "always" come back. Well, I am 67 and I don't know if I have that much time to wait.

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    This is my second marriage (first husband was killed 30 years ago) and we have just found out that my present husband's son has been transferring funds out of their business account to his personal account...and telling his dad that they needed more in the business account, and my husband has been funding his son's embezzlement and nothing is left for "dear old dad".
    I must protect all of my own monies (I do have everything in my trust for my children), but our retirement has been shot to h---!
    Would you advise me to cash out or stay put?....wish I had a chrystal ball....but it worries me to no end.

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    Did your husband press charges against his son? Are you involved in the business so that you could press charges? Have papers been drawn up so that step-son agrees to pay back the embezzled funds? Are checks & balances in place to stop it from happening again? I'd be angry as all get out and not very trusting of either party.
    Regarding your money, I'd keep it in the annuity so it stays yours, untouchable by the men, and you avoid any potential withdrawal penalties. Pulling it out now might be a knee-jerk reaction to bad markets & a bad family/business situation.

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    thanks, hilltop~~
    No charges or anything have been done yet....just found out about it a few days ago. It is going to take a long time to get to the bottom of this...it has been going on for years and lots of records have been destroyed. He has not been confronted about this yet...other son is still "digging".
    It is my assets that I want to protect. No, I am in no way connected to their business (thank heavens), but I get very depressed when I see my accounts "dwindling"...and you are probably right, it might be just a "knee-jerk" reaction on my part to this uncertain market and the situations in this world.

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    I feel your pain regarding the market and how fast it change. And in this last week it has really been a nightmare (I won't even look at my balance!) But...remember the old (and very wise) saying: "Buy low, sell high". My advice is to hold tight for now. It would really be sad to pull out now...you will really loose more than you think. Try to stand back and take a deep breath. You have a lot going on right now. Why not tell yourself that you'll think about your personal account a month from now? Give yourself some time to process all that's happening to you.



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