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    one off payments

    so when you start your first term at uni, are there any one off fork-outs like deposits/subscriptions? if so what are they?

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    Caution fee in halls is usually about 200. You get this back at the end of the year if you don't damage anything.

    Fees for JCR if you have one.

    Internet connection is usually a one-off payment.

    Sports/bus pass if you want one.

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    Our caution money was 100, of which I got 96.40 back - I took the pillows at the end of term thinking they were mine. They weren't. Still, 3.60 for two pillows is a bargain

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    We don't have caution money. Just sinister threats and hefty fines.

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    It really depends which uni you go to!

    There's tuition fees if you pay them, but can sometimes be paid in installments. Any joining fees for clubs etc, although they'll usually be quite cheap but then you might join more than you actually go to at the Fresher's Fair. And you might need to buy loads of books.



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