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    Do you find it hard to switch off from earning money online?

    If i'm honest I find it quite hard to flick the off switch sometimes.

    I find I am FAR to reactive when it comes to the opportunity to earn some extra cash online. I'm very much in the mindset that if I don't grab an opportunity someone else will say yes to it and then they have got that money.

    On the smartphone apps that people use like Roamler / Task360 etc if you aren't reactive enough when the tasks come out you literally don't get a chance to earn any money with them as someone will grab the task from you in real time and you will end up left with nothing.

    I don't think there is ever going to be a 9-5 mentality for working from home. It just doesn't sit with how the work comes in and I think if you want to earn a decent amount of money from home maybe it's best to just accept it!

    I can't count how many how many times I'm worked late into the evenings on something. Be it Leapforce or some other task that needs doing!

    Half the reason I'm sat here on a Saturday afternoon writing this post now is because I have a load of other things I have to do online and if I wait until Monday to do them then it will just push everything else back.

    I remember when I used to get send oodles of edigitalresearch tasks to do (those Holiday ones!) and I would plough through them like no tomorrow and then ask for even more to be sent to me!!! Lord knows why as at times I just felt like I was doing it all on autopilot.

    Do you ever have a problem with switching off from earning online Or do you have a constant voice in your head saying MUST EARN MONEY! MUST EARN MONEY!

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    There is definitely no 9-5 when working from home. I'm a bugger for taking on too much and then crashing and burning. The temptation to earn is far too strong sometimes but I'm slowly learning to prioritise by putting my health and my family first. At the end of the day they are what really matter the most, but then everyone's situation is different.

    I do love how diverse online earning is though, the possibilities are endless. I've taken a step back lately but I know I can always pick up again where I left off. It's been really hard to switch off but totally necessary.

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    Yeah, I can't switch off either. My lappy goes on at 7a.m. and I do a first sort through of e-mails etc. As new stuff comes in through the day, I feel compelled to do it as soon as possible, because if I don't, it probably won't be there later. I often have to really have a stern talk to myself, or I would be working 16 hour days seven days a week, and what's the point of earning the lovely lolly if you then never detach yourself from your lappy to get out and spend it!
    I've even gone out for the day and started thinking about all of the stuff that I'm missing out on - and as for the stress of a week's holiday with no internet...........................

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    Good point about taking on too much @MrsWebster147 - I think maybe for me it's a FEMO (Fear of missing out) thing and I worry that If I don't do job A I won't be invited back to do job B by the same company!

    I feel that's very much the case in blogging where relationships are EVERYTHING and building them up with PR companies takes time and they need to know you can product the good work they want when you work for them.

    I agree the possibilities are endless. There's just SO much out there!!

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    Definitely agree, in fact if I'm not actively earning money at that moment, I'm trying to search for new websites/apps to make more. Then I have to sign up then and there otherwise I forget, and then further still I often have to fill out the profile questions. Sometimes, I even go to bed making a list of money related things to do tomorrow. I definitely have to learn to pace myself.



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