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    Are you glad that you did or were you sorry? What were the biggest considerations? My husband and I are looking at making such a move. My brother is in Sun City Grand which, though beautiful, is probably not for us. We think Tucson might be more our kind of town - mostly because we like to be near universities.

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    Has anybody moved to Arizona

    I've lived in Tucson for over forty years (came here from the Deep South) and I love it! It did take some adjusting to climate, landscaping, summer heat, etc. but the good far outweighs the bad. We have excellent hospitals,colleges, schools, and many recreational activities. We don't have tornadoes, most areas never flood and the winters are very mild. The local Visitor's Bureau will mail a packet of info if you call or write. I'll be happy to answer any questions that you might have( if I can.)

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    I have a friend that lives there and he said in the summer they stay in from 10 AM until late afternoon or evening, not sure of the exact times. I couldn't stand the heat, it gets to hot for me even in Kansas. I want to go north for the summer.

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    being stuck in the house for hours every day in the summer sounded like a real bummer to me until I considered how often I stay inside because of rain - so perhaps it is similar? I don't know if we will be able to go north for the summer. My daughter has a farm, so she has room for us to build a cabin, but I am not sure our finances would permit that.

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    gandbb, I just checked your page to see where you live. I have not been in that part of the USA and would love to visit there. When I was younger I would have hated the rain and cloudy days, but not sure any more. The heat really affects me and I enjoy the rain here in Kansas. I suppose anyone can get to much of a good thing.



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