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    What do you think is the WORST thing you've done for money?

    I keep joking with my wife about how one day I will need to write a book about all the rubbish things I have done to earn money in both the online and offline world.

    In the offline world it would be easy to say doing a paper round was pretty bad looking back at it. I had one round I would do on a Thursday that paid about 4.40 and involved delivering 128 papers WITH INSERTS!

    There's probably a reason you don't see many paperboys and girls around much these days!!

    I've also done canvassing on the electoral register which is when you knock on peoples doors and confirm that the occupants who live there are the same as the Council has on their list. I think I got a whopping 1.20 per house doing those but it had to be done during October / November months and I had to do them in some right dodgy areas of Leeds including bloody tower blocks!!!

    In the online world it would HAVE to be answering Text questions for ChaCha at 3p a time!! (@auntygeek was lucky in that she got paid a whopping 7p) - I was actually a bit sad when they left the UK as it was quite a steady stream of money, although only about 60-100 a month and I don't want to even think just how much time it took me to earn that money!

    On top of that I suppose I used to do Mystery Shops that paid like 1-2 sometimes for my report and those clicksites that are around I used think paid me well for my time but looking back at it I have a sort of WHAT WAS I DOING??!??? feeling!!!

    What about you then?

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    Straight after graduating uni we worked in a cheese factory where we had to scrape the mould from 25kg blocks of cheese before they were cut up to be sold in shops. The mould was all colours, red and white, yellow, green and blue. Paid 4.50 an hour on a daily temp basis.

    The worst thing I've done recently is submitted a video about why I enjoy working for a particular company. I had to make lots of notes about what I was going to say, then had to shoot it about 20 times to get it right. Playing it back to myself was so embarrassing, but it was definitely worth it for the fee.

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    There isn't really anything that stands out for me. Some of the things I've done have been lower paying but I'm fast so I almost always still made a semi decent wage.

    One thing that stands out was categorising searches for around 10p at a time, I did manage to make $100+ a day doing them although I was working flat out for quite a few hours!

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    If I go all the way back to the 90's lol then my first job when I was 15 was in a shoe shop called Shoefayre. It paid the grand sum of 1.74 an hour. When the company got into trouble I got told once that instead of being paid that month, I could chose a pair of shoes. 4 x 8 hour shifts for a couple of pairs of plastic, crappy shoes.

    Anything I can do for money without leaving the house is generally worth it to me. I stay away from the really badly paid mystery shop jobs as I am sure some of them would end up costing me money by the time I had driven there and parked etc.

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    That is one depressing job! I'm hoping now that all that sort of stuff is done by some mouldy cheese robot!!!!



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