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    I have 4 houses that rent out and handle the property management of all of them. But with a full time job and two kids under 3, I could do with offloading at least one of them.

    How much is a fair price to pay for it? I've just been quoted 18% (15%+vat), plus 450 set up, seems a bit steep to me.

    Anyone have any views on this?

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    Property Management

    Hi Lee. That sounds expensive but it depends upon what is included.
    Does it include any extras such as guaranteed rent?

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    nope... no extra's.

    I did rent out my own house about 10 years ago with Andrew Louis, and they charged 10%, i thought I would be looking at a similar % this time. This one is in North Wales, where i actually thought they be more competitive!

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    Don't go above 10%+Vat, I have never paid more than that.

    Is this house on the Wirral or Liverpool?

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    Anglesey, Rob, 10% was the price I was expecting, I'll get back online and hunt down some other management companies. Thanks



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