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    Smok Alien 220w Mod', should I supply a battery charger?


    I buy Christmas gifts for our staff and this year it has been a mixture of socket sets, Fire Sticks but 4 requests for Smoke Aliens 220w, ( various colours ).

    I would like to get one for myself, (can't make up my mind between the 200 or 220w version ). Since vaping all my batteries are built in, I charge using the charging port on the unit/s.

    The Smok Alien, the batteries are separate but the unit also has a charging port on the base of the unit.

    With these type of batteries, should I also purchase external battery chargers or is it OK to charge via the charging port on the unit,--what I mean is, which is better?

    And if an external battery charger any recommendations as to brand and type?

    I will make sure the SAs come with 18650 batteries, I've had a good look, my final choices will be either, ( in pairs ), LG HG2 300mAh,-- Samsung 30Q 15A 3000mAh,-- Efest Purple IMR 2500mAh,-- lastly Samsungs INR18650-25R, 2500mAh.

    My understanding is if any of the above are unprotected??? it is best to use an external battery charger unless the Smoke Alien come with overcharge protection built in?

    Do any FMs have experience with the above batteries and will they all fit the Smoke Alien without jamming them in?

    Any/all advise would be appreciated.

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    Hi seacam,

    I was wondering what the hell a Smok Alien was and only clicked on the thread because it's you. Now I know you meant Smoke Alien it makes more sense even though I still don't know what it is. I'll bump the thread to give it a 2nd chance but I reckon your best bet is to try a well known and busy vaping forum or two instead where the manufacturers, retailers, and vaping experts hang out, as your question is quite technical.

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    Charging a removable battery onboard as opposed to in an external battery charger makes vaping the electronic cigarette while it is being charged somewhat problematic so yes a spare battery and an external battery charger are imo a must. As the Smok Alien pushes out a huge wattage level it uses two 18650 batteries so you'd need two spare batteries and ideally a battery charger that charges two batteries at once.

    Afaik all electronic cigarettes have over charge protection and the 18650 batteries used in them are all unprotected.

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    Perhaps you need to get a mains adapter.

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    I always use an external charger - Nitecore d2 - which does 2 at a time. As to batteries, the advice seems to be to steer clear of Efest as they are re-wraps of other manufacturers' rejects but you should be OK with the others in your list. As evil c says, it's a good idea to check round vape forums - I get most of my advice from E-Cigarette Forum and battery expert "Mooch" has a blog with loads of infohttp://<a href="https://www.e-cigare...ch.256958/</a>



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