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    did you go back 'home' when you retired?

    after 25 years dh still wants to go back "home" when we retire, i don't really want to but i have no terribly strong feelings about it,
    we both want to get away from the city (we live a in 'burb in houston)
    cost of living would be a bit more there (but the annual income average is much less than we should have)
    we don't like the climate here-hot steamy with mosquitoes most of the year (heat goes away, mosquitoes don't really)
    our kids and friends are here/we also have family there
    what do you think????

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    I'd ask him to list the things that make him want to go back: then see if those things are really there or just his longing for the way things used to be. Sometimes we tend to glorify the good things & forget about the bad.
    You don't mention the size of the city where he wants to move. Does it still have the amenities, entertainment sources, restaurants, etc. that you both like? What are some of the issues facing the community?
    We live in a small town where many have moved away; however they keep their home (or parents home when they die) so that they have a place to stay when they come back to visit or can someday move back. But the world they knew it as is no longer reality. The businesses have changed (or gone), the friends & family they knew are no longer around, people don't neighbor like they used to, etc.
    I'd test the waters before committing. Go back & stay for a month or so. If you want to get out of the city, make a list of the features you'ld really like in your new place and see if his hometown can provide those things.

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    hilltop, thanks for all the good advice, it sounds like the thoughts i had that i couldn't quite formulate into reasonable questions--for some reason
    the area we're thinking of back to is northwest arkansas
    and i do worry about it being pretty cold three months out of the year (i'm sure that sounds wimpy to a person from nebraska)
    i could mention going back and staying for a month and see what kind of response i get!!

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    Do you mind moving away from your kids? Do the kids have an opinion about this? Will you be missing grandchildren? Will your kids come to see you? Is it an easy drive or flight to get to NW Ark? I guess you can see that moving away from family would be the problem for me, but maybe not for you.
    It could be a good change for you, though. A chance to reorganize your lives and set yourselves up for a pleasant retirement. Getting to know a new area, new housing, new friends could be fun.

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    no way! the place i grew up in was only slightly less crappy than the place i live now. and the weather is cold in both.



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