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    If a BT phone line is disconnected after the 30 days notice period is it possible for another provider such as TalkTalk or Plusnet to reactivate this same line for running their own landline service on? Would an engineer need to visit or can activation be carried out remotely? Is there an activation fee? Thanks in advance.

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    Reactivating an old BT line with another provider

    Depending on the provider it can be done remotely. For Sky, Talktalk (and their resellers) it would need an engineer to visit the telephone exchange.

    As for activation fee, that is specific to each provider. Some will charge a fee, some won't.

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    Thanks for this. Would you happen to know whether Post Office or Plusnet would require an engineer visit?

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    Most likely only to the exchange but they'll tell you the engineer may need to visit you in some cases, only the company you want to switch too can really answer.

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    There was a Talk Talk Home Phone forum thread only a couple of months ago asking a similar question to yours. Once a line is disconnected, after a certain period of time has elapsed it is released by the provider and passed back to the BT local exchange into their pool of unallocated numbers. You might be able to get your number back if your provider is prepared to put in a special request for you to Openreach. Try calling the number and see if anyone answers.



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