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Thread: Uni fees

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    Not sure where this should go, but anyway....

    I'm writing a discussion essay in English on the topic that "University fees should be ablolished"

    What I would like to find out is, in the UK, or where ever you're from, do you have to pay uni fees and roughly how much do you have to pay to get your degree?


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    Uni fees

    In Finland, university education is free for students (in the sense that it's paid for by tax payers money). If I spoke Finnish well enough, I might be half tempted to stay here, however it's back to Blighty for me.

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    1075 a year i think.

    So, for me 4*1075 = 4300

    But from 2006 onwards it will be 3000 a year, so conceivably 9000-12000

    Difference being i pay the fees upfront, but next year you pay after you have got a job.

    If you come from a low income family then a percentage of the fee (or all) is paid for you by the government.

    The lion share of debt is from accomodation and social expenses.

    I estimate i will be in about 15-20000 in debt by the end. But compared to other countries like the US i don't think thats too bad.

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    Thanks Now I have something to add to my essay!

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    I dont see why we shouldnt pay for our education personally...it's our choice to go so so why should it come out of tax payers money? however, i preferred the old fee system seeing as my tuition fee debt would have been just over 3000 whereas now it's 9,000...so now im coming out with 20,000 debt as opposed to 10,000 :| however i get the unis need money hence top up fees!
    although the way the government decides who pays what amount of fees is unfair..my parents arent paying for my uni education, i am so why should i have to pay top up fees? what's my parental income got to do with anything? and how do the government decide the threshold of how much fees u should pay or how much a grant u get?! stupid blair n his mates :|



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