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    PIP Performance Measurement visit

    I just had a letter concering my PIP it is for a Visit that says Notification of a Performance Measurement Visit
    I only got PIP in March 2015 (was on DLA) & it been awarded until 2026 for care
    Is this usual to get a visit so quick after being awarded & is there any thing i should know
    the visit is for end of this month which may have to be cancelled as i am waiting on a Cardiologist appointment after a call last week telling me i can't drive

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    Reading around it seems to be just to keep an eye on you and nothing to do with your PIP payment other than it’s the PIP payment from DWP that have triggered the review.

    Apparently anyone claiming a benefit could be subjected to the Performance Measures and they seem to be sent out randomly so you’ve been unlucky in this instance though some say it’s a fishing expedition too as they ask for details of bank accounts and where your money is coming and going to, something from my experience is something they do anyways.

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    So as i understand it this is not to review me medically but what i have coming in & where ect
    if this is the case why don't they say what they will need to see as i wouldn't have it to had normally especially if i thought it was to reassess me for my claim they put in the letter PIP but i also get ESA support group payment

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    This is beyond ridiculous. You can understand it for esa and has but why for pip when it is not means tested?

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    I phoned & spoke to the lady so i know what i should have to hand & she said
    That 2 forms of ID Medication she will be filling in the form & takes between 1 1/2 to 2 hours
    I know that if they think that you should not be getting the amount that can change but i wonder how many have gone & got more because when assessing they feel you should say be getting mobility as well as care if you only get one
    we all know that they soon take it away if they think you don't need 1 or both
    reason i say that is that i have been told not to drive & even not to go on to a step ladder (not that i could) as my heart rate when they done a 6 day ECG monitor test has dropped to the 20s I only get care as i got the mobility part taken away or wasn't given it on PIP but was on DLA



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