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    Paid Surveys - The best of the rest

    I’m a lover of paid surveys. I know - YOU HAVE HEARD 1,000 TIMES! Paid surveys have been good to me over the years and they are a great way to save for a holiday, earn a little extra while watching TV or even just keeping your mind occupied if you’ve retired.

    What is your favourite paid survey company - besides Prolific Academic?

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    Other than Prolific I'd have to say Populus in terms of being one of the better paid sites. You also get kicked out of very few of them. Just wish there were more surveys around. I also wish they'd pay by BACs or Paypal than cheque (although a nice boost to the account when you cash in 2 or 3 at once).

    For regularity though I'd include OpinionOutpost. Cashout only 2.50 and it's in your Paypal instantly. Just before Christmas (seems to be the busiest time), I can cashout several times in a week.

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    Other than PA (which I for me I find a real slow burner), I like Populus Live too but the surveys can be few and far between. My other favourite is Mintvine though as you can extra points for DQs and the poll. I also love the fact that so many of their surveys are mobile compatible and I wish that there were more mobile compatible surveys!

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    I'm a fan of Mint Vine, i-Say and Your Word as they pay points on screenout. Opinion Bar do too, although their surveys are far less frequent. Peanut Labs surveys on Swaggers, InstaGC and GiftHulk will also give you a nominal amount if you DNQ.

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    I started off with GTM and PA and used 2 cash out quite easily once a month but no so good at the moment. Thanks to [member=920]katykicker[/member] survey bible I've signed up to so much more now. I personally love mintvine and strangely enough that was my least favourite when I signed up to them all but you can easily rack up the points over a few weeks. I've cashed out $50 with them this month and got a music survey off them Dec that took 45mins and paid €45!!! Also enjoy viewbank which is just polls everyday but soon add up.



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