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    Do any of you comment on the stories in the Daily Mail? I have to admit, it's my guilty pleasure occasionally. However, I normally have to troll through all the comments to see if mine has been published and I never get notification when someone replies to a comment of mine. Is this facility not available or is there a way to do this?

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    Daily Mail Comments

    If it was in my nature to want to comment on Daily Mail articles and then see if I'd actually been noticed I'd be concerned that my life was empty.
    DS on the other hand......... it's a class above. ��

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    Rest assured I noticed your reply. You can go to bed happy now.

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    Only 8 hours to go for you to see if the Daily Mail has noticed you.
    I'll happily sleep through that, anxiety free.
    Good luck ��

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    I've commented on the DM in the past and you do get an email notification but you need to enable this:

    Click on the 'my profile' link on the top right hand side and then click on 'edit my profile and preferences' and right at the top there's a 'send reply notification' box to tick.

    Usually, and when the links are working, if you click on your profile and then click on the comment you posted it will jump straight to yours and any responses you may have.



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