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    Appen and leapforce?

    Can you work for appen at the same time as working for leapforce, does anyone know or have experience?

    I'm currently working for leapforce, the 1hr a day job and I've just received a job invite from appen. Reading the requirements it looks like a similar job- 1hr job.


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    Are the clients the same?

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    Thanks for replying.

    The client in the job offer isn't mentioned but hinted at so im almost certain it's the same one as I'm working on now.

    I can't really see how it would work using the same platform for both but I've bitten the bullet and just emailed to check first.

    I'll let you know.

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    Out of interest, how much can you earn each month from Leapforce? I've applied but not heard back yet...

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