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    Any Type 2 diabetics?

    I've just been diagnosed with it and I'm coming to terms with a whole new set of lifestyle changes.

    Have any of you got this and if so how do you manage it (I.e. diet, tablets, insulin). Also what do you eat to keep your sugars down?

    One thing that worries me as a needle-phobic person is the thought of eventually having to go onto insulin. How long can this process take? Are we talking months or years?

    Any help would be grateful. Thank you.

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    If you are overweight do your best to lose as much as you can. This has definitely helped me manage my type 2 diabetes to the extent that 10 years after first being diagnosed I can be much more flexible in my diet and am taking less Metformin than I started on.

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    Hi I’m T2, diagnosed about 9 years ago. I am on 1 tablet a day. I try to eat food that is low in carbohydrates, and avoid baked God’s, cakes, pies breads etc, pasta rice and breakfast cereals.
    The majority of processed foods are high in carbs.
    You may never need to go on insulin if you eat sensibly and keep your blood sugar between 4.5 and 7.5 when you test 2 hrs after you have eaten
    Look after your feet, make sure you ge your yearly checks from your diabetic clinic, also get your eyes done every year, your surgery should send you an appointment automatically.
    If you have to take steroids or antibiotics for any reason you may find your sugar readings are raised.
    If your surgery have not provided you with a test meter and strips it may be worth while buying one to use until you can get your sugar levels under control.
    If you test on a regular basis you will be able to spot which foods raise your levels.
    If you are partial to a pint or a glass of wine, try to moderate the amount you drink.
    Dory for the essay/lecture, if you have any queries just drop me a pm?



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