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    Retirement - military wife survivor?

    I'm on SS - but my 20 year marriage to a deceased military man should bring in some sort of benefit - according to other wives in my position. I'm the surviving wife #1 with 2 others - who didn't get this far (I'm 86).
    Whenever I've tried to find out any info about my possible status, I bump into a dead-end.
    One thing - our marriage occurred prior to congress inacting this legislation - for survivor wife benefits.
    Does anyone have any information as to where I can get some pertinent advice?

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    Where are you applying and at what place do you reach the dead end (and what in fact constitutes the 'dead end' in terms of answers)?

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    Would like information concerning pension benefits (if any) for military ex-spouses - with marriage of 10 years duration or more.
    The military had their own pension plan - which was not tied to social security.
    I'm looking for a website or address to contact for more information regarding possible benefits to ex-wives.
    Any Internet addresses?
    As of now, I'm not applying anywhere.
    The term "dead end" is in reference to not finding viable information to my queries.

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    Your first port of call is the VA, and I mean call--via telephone.



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