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    So I built a small BTL portfolio....but it's kind of boring...what now?

    Hi all,

    I am in a pretty good position - I have three properties, 100% owned with no mortgages, rented out to good tenants paying a reasonable rent and managed by a good agent.

    But now what? Should I just sit back and enjoy seeing money drop into my account every month? Isn't that - god forbid - kind of boring?

    Should I say onwards and upwards, leverage my equity and start expanding? The problem is that I live overseas, work freelance, and move around a lot, so mortgage lenders are not interested.

    Or should I just be glad of the passive income and get on with the rest of my life?

    Any advice?

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    Seeing money arriving in your bank account is NEVER boring!

    But here's an answer that is boring: it depends on your goals. Are you making enough passive income to keep you happy for life? Is that basically your pension sorted? If so, set yourself challenges in other areas of your life and leave the properties be.

    If not, perhaps it's time to speak to a broker and see what your options are - then, armed with all the facts, you can weigh it up. But if it's not possible or if you're not wildly enthusiastic about doing so, lest we forget, there are ways of making money other than property. Apparently

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    You might want to consider one of the crowd funding options out there. Also as you have more than 1 property and there is probably a history of you managing them you may want to consider some of the more specialist providers.

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    The living overseas and moving around clearly makes things a little more complex, but if you are passionate about building a larger portfolio to further increase your wealth, then you should be having the conversations with mortgage brokers to determine your options on re-mortgaging and developing your portfolio further.

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    So I built a small BTL portfolio....but it's kind of boring...what now?

    I agree with the comments above. Yes - it is about your goals - but it is also about what you feel passionate about. If you're going to make further investments in property then I think it's important that you are really 100% up for it. As Rob says - there are other ways to make money. If you choose a path that you're passionate about then you are more likely to succeed...?



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