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    Should I take out the max loan????

    I'm so confused! For moths I've been worrying about how I'm going to afford uni. However, the other day, mum and dad surpised by telling me they've been saving since i was born. This has lightened my load so much and love them so much for it! The dilemma i now have is that i'm not sure how much i should request. do most people take the maximum loan they can???? between now and july, if i saved, i would raise the same amount as i would get if i received a loan.

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    Get everything you can

    trust me it never seems to last long!!!!!

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    Erm..it depends. I don't have a loan because my parents pay for everything and give me money each week. I do sometimes wish thought that I had one just incase of needing it!

    You could always request the maximum amount and then put it in a high interest account! But don't touch it!

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    I had the same suprise, only applied for a partial loan, and boy did I regret it!! I've sincle applied for the full loan really because I used a lot of my overdraft on laptop etc and once Id got here I had to buy soooo many expensive books and things that I really needed the extra loan



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