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    Basically I'm in a situation at work where I don't know what to do and I'm stressed out. I am a college student who has been interning at a company since the start of summer unpaid. It was explained initially when I went for the interview that I was going to be paid for my work, which I was okay with me as I assumed I wouldn't have to work any over time. The company involves travelling to different parts of the city and working long hours. The first event I had to get a taxi to over the 2 days and I worked long hours from 7am to 9pm. Over the course of the next couple of months I became extremely stressed out and found myself not liking the work. At one point I was given the task which took me a while to complete. My boss was extremely frustrated and told me "This is utterly ridiculous, why are you spending so much time on this?" The boss was stressed out when this was said but given that I am an anxious person, this placed a huge amount of pressure on me as I was desperate to do a good job.

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    Should I leave my unpaid internship now?

    Eventually I was fed up of being treated like a real employee but with no reward and started missing days. This was also partly because I could barely afford the bus money. I was reprimanded and warned that I was being issued a strike warning and the college was contacted. I have not missed a day since August. Since August, things improved immensely however we travelled to another part of the city in October to work. I worked well over 70 hours that Week, which more than made up my absent hours. My internship required me to do 24 hours a week however my employers said I could do 20 and make up the extra 4 in outside office hours.

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    The last few weeks have been tough as I feel there's a lot of pressure on me to do s good job. There's been times
    When I feel like crying in work as I feel mentally and physically exhausted and it's now gotten to a stage where I can barely afford bus money. It hasn't been all bad and I've really enjoyed some of the work I've done and it's fantastic experience. I've also been told I'm very good st certain tasks and and that I've impressed them.

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    My boss told me yesterday that they expected to stop until the day before Christmas Eve. We are really busy at the moment so I am working 7 days in s row including Saturday's and Sundays without a break. I've also been averaging over 30 hours the last 3 weeks. My internship stipulated that I should work just over 450 hours over the 6 months which I have now worked up. I have been mulling over whether to bring this up with my boss. I am working for free and i could also really use the time to spend on my disserstion. I am nervous to broach the subject with my
    employers as they fully expect me to commit until the 23rd of December, although I am technically

    I don't mind staying on but I would need to be paid as it's just unsustainable for me now. Many thanks in advance

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    They're taking the piss. Leave. Even if they were to pay you they don't sound like somewhere that deserves you. You can find better.



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