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    I retired from Canada when I was 53 after sailing the Caribbean for 6 years I stopped in the Dominican Republic. Where I found a place that I can grow all the food and flowers for my needs. Having built a house with pool on a pension so small that in Canada I would have to find work to survive. I have found my paradise.

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    Living like a king on pennies

    I heard Costa Rica is very pleasant. Lots of beaches, friendly people, and they LIKE Americans.

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    One of my relatives retired to the Philippines. She has a cook, a maid, even a laundress. And a gorgeous paid-for house. She did it on a single woman's salary.

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    How capable are the services should you get sick?
    Skill of the practitioners?
    Is insurance available?
    What to do with your body when you cash in your chips?
    ole joyful

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    I can only speak from my experiences. The hospitals are not state of the art but the clinics are up to date. Here are two experiences that I have had. I had a motorcycle accident on a gravel road the local people picked me up and took me to the hospital where the doctor and nurses worked on cleaning the wounds and stitching me up. They where very gentle and courteous. When I left they was no charge and gave me prescriptions for the drug store. One other time my wife visited the doctor in the clinic and was informed that she needed an operation. The doctor setup the total operation needing two other doctors and an operating room all the equipment. The operation was done the same day and 8 hours later we went home. This was not an emergency.



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