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    I know the good things about an over 55 community but what is the "downside" . I think we want to move to one but I'm afraid once we get in, we won't like it. what do you look for

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    Downside of over 55 communities

    From what I have been told by people that live in the "over 55" communities: Just as you make some good friends, they get sick and either move to a nursing home or pass on. It can be very upsetting. Good luck

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    Mostly a bunch of old farts.
    Some no longer have that extra zest for living that makes every day like a spring morning.
    Not many young folks around to encourage one to keep up with what's going on in the world, pursuing new interests, etc.
    No kids, teens to get in one's hair.
    Many are really great places, as many retirees still enjoy major energy, good health and strength. They have a variety of interests.
    The internet allows people to have a window on the big world out there - though it does tend to be impersonal.
    If you are considering one, spend some time getting to know the folks who live there.
    See what they're like - and get well enough of a friend that they'll tell you the whole story about the place.
    At 74 and in good health, I still live in a community of townhouses. Get to talk with the kids from time to time. Apart from a couple of instances of doorbell ringing then running, no problems. Throwing a snowball or two at some of them from time to time helps.
    Hope this helps. Good wishes as you make your plans.
    joyful guy/Ed

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    It has been my experience that people (women) my age are often very boring. I hate to say this but the truth is....I love my Grandchildren and the Great grandchildren but my life doesn't revolve around them and I don't want them under my feet every day. I see so many that have no life except children and grandchildren and as I see it, these later years are for me to enjoy and do all those things I didn't have time to do before. I don't mean expensive travel, that too but.., just things as simple as spending my day the way I want to whether it's gardening or reading a book....I want these years for my husband and myself...we worked hard and the time now is going to be ours, to spend together. We both love the computer and have several hobbies and I'm not going to spend my last years worrying about who is coming over or who is cooking for the next holiday or what grandchild has a problem now and certainly not babysitting all day long every day every week....I love taking classes and meeting new people and learning new things....my husband is the same way...he hasn't had any time to learn gardening or baking and he wants to do those things...

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    Sorry I hit submit when I was previewing and I just wanted to add.
    so the above reasons are a few of the reasons that I don't want to be surrounded by just people my age...I love a variety of ages and interests. Nothing makes me smile more than opening my kitchen door now and hearing the children next door playing in their back yard.....I just listen..I don't have to clean up after them or diaper them etc so I can truly enjoy....



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