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    I've been attempting to pay off our debt as well as save this journey has been hard but well worth it. So far I paid off this year $500 cc and $5500 lending club. I just looking for advice on what to pay down next. I want to buy a house in next year and haven't started started saving for that. I'm unsure if I should go aggressive towards savings account, saving for a house, or pay down debt or combination of all 3?

    Debt total $55338

    Student Loan $24,743 @4.2%
    Auto Loan $12,839 @3.5%
    CC #1 $1309 @22%
    CC #2$3000 @22%
    CC #3 13447 @ 14%

    Income Net Total = $5900
    Expenses =$4800
    Gives $1100 extra a month

    I have roughly $8000 in savings/emergency fund
    Advice anyone

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    Another Debt scenario Another Debt scenario

    I'd pay off CC 1 today - take $1309 from your savings. Savings is now $6700.

    Next month, I'd take the $1100 extra + ~1900 from savings and pay off CC 2. Savings is now $4800.

    the next 4 months I would save $800, and then put an extra $300 towards CC3. 4x800 Savings is now back to around $8000.

    Of course whatever you were paying monthly on CC1 and CC2 is there for savings or additional extra on CC3.

    List out your expenses. $4800 seems high.

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    I would immediately pay off CC#1 and #2 using your savings. That leaves you $3,700 as an EF which is fine for now. Get rid of that outrageously high interest. That also eliminates the payments you were making on those debts which can be redirected along with the extra $1,100/month to CC#3.

    Buying a house is not something you are anywhere close to ready for. You need to get rid of the credit cards, have a 6-month emergency fund, and have a 20% down payment. That's going to take some time.

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    I'm confident you will get the results you want by following the suggestions offered by D Steve and Jluke. 22% interest is hugely punitive; I hope you'll cut up those cards. How many months remain on car loan? If you offer a detailed list of spending, perhaps SA participants can see small chanesg to help reach your goal faster.

    If DW is on board, I'm sure you can easily create a cash flow list so that you every dollar has a job and you both know 'where the money goes.' Include repetitive and occasional expenses like vehicle maintenance, tires and gifts for example. With a tiny bit of time and control you will have recaptured emergency savings and begun a savings plan for the downpayment required to purchase a house as desired.

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    I was not expecting for anyone to say use my savings for cc1 and cc 2. Yea i was leaning towards paying off cc#1 first. Im nervous about letting go of my savings some but i trust the advice from these forums. So i will be paying off cc#1 and #2 by Wednesday Then work towards the 4 months of building savings back up and paying down cc#3



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