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    Daily checklist

    Hi all,

    So I am pretty new to all of this and as such I don’t have a whole lot to offer in terms of giving advice. I am however a relatively good organiser, so ro help myself keep on top of thing I am creating myself a daily checklist for money making activities. I am pretty much going to work through @katykicker post on how to make a thousand in a month. If anybody else has ideas of what should or could be included I’d love to hear them. I will of course be happy to share this with anyone who want to use it. As I like to make things pretty, I will be making my version pretty but I know not everyone feels like that so I’ll keep a plain one to give to those who prefer to keep it simple, or perhaps plan to print it.

    Thanks in advance xx

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    As time goes on your checklist should get shorter and shorter as you replace lower paying work with higher paying stuff that is more deserving of your time

    I used to do oodles of odds and sods when I first started out and now do only 2 things to earn money online (blogging / matched betting) so I think a checklist like this is ideal for someone starting out while they find their feet and sees what works for them

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    I do this too. I write a monthly, weekly and daily to-do list. Not just for earning money online though. My whole life is literally one long to-do list!

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    I have been known, on quite a regular basis, to add things to my todo list that I've already done just for the pleasure of scoring them off.

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    In my experience on top of monthly,weekly and daily tasks, it's important to also set goals for the next 6 months or the rest of the year in terms of what you want to achieve and then reverse engineer that into your to do lists.



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