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    Transferring Buy to lets to a LTD company

    I currently own 6 buy to Let properties; 3 in Birmingham; one in Liverpool, one in Buckinghamshire Nd one in Croydon. The properties are a mix of 3 1-2 bed flats, one HMO and 2 2-3 bed houses.

    given the tax regulations changes I am looking to put these into a ltd company, I currently have the company registered since September 2016 and the company bank account set up. However I have no money going in or out of the property account yet as I need clarity on the best way to move the properties over from personal ownership to company ownership without losing money on selling them from my person to my company

    my investment strategy is based on long term capital growth .Any advise will be much appreciated.

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    You probably know this already ?

    You may get hit by the Capital Gains Tax, if you transfer owernship from private to limited ?

    But if your plan is long term, then the tax loss may payoff long term (assuming value of your property's continues to increase).

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    Yes I’m aware of the capital gains tax... I need to speak to an property accountant about my specific situation to sought the best solution

    thanks for your advice

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    Good stuff..would be intresting what accountant suggests

    Good luck

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    I imagine this is the perfect opportunity to try out the new Property Hub Tax service



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