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    Hello All,

    I've checked and I can't find a dedicated thread to Vypr. I have recently posted a blog post about it here http://thereverend.co.uk/blog/money/...n-money-phone/ but I thought I'd put some details directly on this thread.

    What is vipr.?

    vipr. is a phone based app where you are presented with an image, often with a description, and you are asked whether you'd buy it Sometimes it may present you a number of options and you just have to say which you'd prefer.

    What does it 'pay'?

    vipr. calls its task 'Steers' and they are paid in points. These seem to vary from 10 points up 100 points. No 'Steer' has a cash amount however once you hit 10000 points you are able to withdraw 5 direct to your paypal account.

    Where can you download it from?

    Direct link to the app on the Apple App Store
    Direct link to the app on the Google Play Store

    Is it worth it?

    I suppose that is up to you. It is very easy to do one or two clicks. They aren't worth much in the real world but if you can earn 5000 points a week then you are on your way to over 20 a month.

    Hope this helps.

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    Vypr - The Quick Survey App

    I like vypr. I get to look at pictures of yummy food and earn money at the same time

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    Just started using VYPR thanks to the info in this forum, currently on 6,500 points and only been using it for 4 days!! nice app but make's me hungry looking t all the lovely photos of food!!

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    just redeemed some of the points to my PayPal , but haven't received anything .

    does it take a while?



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