I have seen some posts on this forum to help people motivate themselves to pay off debt. I would like to share my story so far and start this motivational post to help keep my spirits up during this long debt payoff process.

My wife and I both attended college, where we met, and both accumulated a lot of student loan debt. I graduated in December 2013 with a BS in Engineering and 4 student loans totaling over $32,000(6.8%,10yr). My grand idea after school was to take out a $25,000(4.15%,6yr) loan to buy a new car.

My wife graduated in May 2014 with a BS in Animal Dairy Science and decided to teach. In December 2015 she completed her masters in Middle School education online while she was teaching. She had 2 student loans one for 5,000(4.00%,10yr) and one for 33,000(5.00%,30yr).

I know so many mistakes were made, but we are in this situation now and I am hellbent on removing this burden from my family. Here is the situation today:

- Car: $11,557(payment: $400)
- My student loans: 2 loans remaining at $5,986(payment: $90) and $6,229(payment: $93)
- Wife's student loans: 2 loans remaining at $4512(payment: $55) and $32,176(payment: $200)

In total it is a whopping $60,463 of pure debt burden. My goals for 2017 are to pay off the car and bring my total non-mortgage debt down to $45,000. Lofty goals I know, but easy goals are not worth striving towards.

Any motivation, personal stories or advice would be greatly appreciated.