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    Best survey sites for no kids

    Hi everyone

    Just wondering if any of you can attest to which survey sites are the best if you have no kids, I find that lots kick me out straight after that question. I am finding that Curious Cat is pretty good along with qmee initially (drying up a bit now).

    I 'd love to hear your feedback, and I will be sure to keep this updated with more info as I do more xx

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    I am doing this more on what not to go for. Onepoll tend to want people with children. Other than that I have not found many that do. PowerofOpinions tend to have a higher paying one that wants you to have children - I think it is the 48 or 96 point one.

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    My kids are grown up so mostly I'm thrown out when I put in my age! Prolific Academic is my main one now - once offered the survey they don't throw you out.

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    Populus live is a good earner for me. As is mint vine, panel base and ipsos I say. I have no kids or partner

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    Prolific academic is the best for me. I am a grandmother of 4 so I get quite peeved when I'm screened out when I most definitely have an opinion.



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