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    SS question

    Hello all,
    I am approaching 62 and have a question. If I start to draw SS now on my own benefits can I then at 66 switch over and draw on my husbands spousal benefits?
    Thanks for your help,

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    Only if he is over 66 and claiming his benefits. But, yes. Call the SS office, they are quite helpful.

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    Here's an example. I started my SS at 63. My husband has planned on not starting his until he is retired, which should be next year when he turns 69. When he turned 66, he started getting spousal benefits from me. And his new (just this month) medicare B account is under my SS#! But when he starts collecting his own benefits, I'll start to get spousal benefits based on his account, which is more than mine.

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    Thanks sushipup, that helps a lot. My DH is 67 & drawing now. I plan to start drawing mine next year then when I turn 66 I plan to draw spousal from his account. From what you said it sounds like this will work.

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    SushiPup, you're saying that one-half of your husband's monthly benefit (when he starts getting it) will be more than 100% of your own benefit that you're now receiving? Hubs and I both receive monthly SS retirement benefits, and his monthly amount is larger than mine (he earned more than I did on an annual basis), but it's not twice as much as what I'm getting.



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