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    Investing in Crewe


    Wanted to get some advice / guidance in investing in Crewe. In light of the HS2, think this area will be on the up. With a budget of 80k was thinking of getting a 3 bed terrace or semi detached around the 130k mark with 25% deposit and 20k for renovations if required. Can anyone recommend specific areas which are good for rental demand? Would this budget allow me to do a HMO and is this recommended as a novice BTL landlord?



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    Sorry this is a bit of a late response. I have bought in Crewe and been visiting a number of properties. Leighton and Leighton Hospital has been recommended to me as have Nantwich Road and some of the roads coming off it e.g. Ruskin Road. Keen to discuss the area as I have spent a lot of time researching it!

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    Hi there, have been thinking about this area too as I spent four years there as a student a while back. Would you mind sharing the type of property you have already got there and what strategy you are following with it. E.g. is it an hmo or single let? Many thanks. Dave

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    Of course. Its a three bed, family home (could be HMO). Rents for 525, paid 77k for it. About 8% yield which is what I look for in the area.

    I've heard rumours the Uni is moving away from Crewe so HMO's may not be in demand.

    I generally look to buy within a mile of the station and look for 2 and 3 beds. Have been tempted by flats but I cant see the appeal to tenants as they can get more space for not much more money by renting a house.

    what's your strategy? Which areas do you favour?

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    I've just seen this conversation. I'm looking to invest in Crewe. I've done a fair bit of research myself, it would be great to share our findings.

    I'm looking for 2 or 3 bed in CW2, close to the station and Nantwich Rd. Since your conversation I see that MMU is closing it's campus in Crewe. At it's peak the campus had a student population of 6k, now it's nearer 2k. This is a slight concern to me I have to say, not that I'm looking to let to students, but I can still see a drop in demand for rental properties and already I've seen a couple of large HMO's in Crewe come on to Rightmove, I wonder if we will see a few more over the coming months. I'm hoping this doesn't see a decline in house prices.

    Do either of you live near Crewe



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