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    What opinions do you have on this type of insurance. I have no children/spouse--do not need to leave money to anyone. Would you bother? Is it worth it just to get in-home help? Premiums seem high. Thanks for your advice.

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    long term health insurance

    First thing is how old are you? Most are for in nursing home costs but some actually pay some toward home health. They do not pay for Assisted or Independent Living. At one time your premiums did not go up as you age but no longer. Many have to drop coverage just before they need it because they can no longer afford it.

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    Things to ask yourself are what kind of living situation would you like to have as you age. Depending on your area many NH's have both regular and Medicaid beds. If you can pay the extra for a single room in most you will be placed in a regular room but with no roommate. I do not know what various states do if you choose to do a single room since it could be considered part of the money that should have been saved for later. My husband is in a NH private pay because it was decided he was too large for me to take care of in our house. His roommate is on Medicaid. The staff does not seem to treat them differently.

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    If you are in you 30's and can find a decent plan you may be alright. If you are older the plans are probably already priced beyond your price range. Each state has a number of minimums needed for NH's. Each state is different and the requirements change each year. Although it is early it helps if the NH coordinates with your private insurance. Lessens the extra you have to pay for services.

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    Thanks for the information. i did not realize that they do not pay for Assisted or Independent Living. I am 48. I am a really good saver. I will be aging completely alone though--no family. I am starting to think about planning on aging alone. I think I would like something that would provide in-home care. That would be good for me I think. Of course, I am also looking at those graduated care places--independent to assisted to nursing. One of the issues I will have is that I will have no advocate/family member to help me make decisions or make decisions for me. This is so confusing!



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