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    Air bnb management

    Hi there i have a 2 bed city centre appartment in leeds which would be perfect for serviced accommodation. Are there any companies that can take over management of this and run it? TIA


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    Hi Laurence, I’ve done lots of research on Airbnb in Leeds. Long and short of it is that I could only find one block that had a lease that allowed serviced accommodation. I’d just do some research before going too far - speak to city centre letting agents. Would love to know if you do it and don’t get any grief from the leaseholder!

    I’m thinking of getting a small cottage in North Leeds and giving that a go...something that’ll rent on a standard AST if Airbnb doesn’t work out.

    in terms of management, I’ve found a few obvious companies ‘expressbnb’, ‘passthekeys’, etc.

    Best of luck.

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    Hi Laurence, we run a couple of short term units in Leeds. Sam's comment on leasehold restrictions is a good one, we own property in 14 of the central apartment blocks in Leeds and most will not allow but leases are quiet on the issue. Where is your apartment? In terms of management, we have partnered with our cleaner who does the turn around and meets guests and I run the bookings side. You can set them up as co-host on Airbnb to streamline communications - works really well on both sides. In terms of demand, we run a few units in other cities such as Edinburgh, York and Nottingham. The demand seems fairly good in Leeds, you can get good stats on that side on airdna.co Good luck with it.

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    Hi Matthew - of those 14 Leeds blocks you own property in, how many are done as Airbnb? Part of me is so keen to give it a go, I’m tempted to do it until the Leaseholder pulls me up!

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    Hello Sam, Just 2 blocks, one where it was against the lease by with prior permission from the management due to an apartment defect that made long term rents more tricky. I would look to your lease of the apartment you own [or looking to purchase] and if it does specifically ban short lets then give it a go, perhaps talking beforehand with the management company to ensure all will be well. It seems to me to be alot of work to set up a short term unit, so best have at least tacit agreement from the management before leaping in. Good luck in getting something going.



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