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    Four wks to retirement - mixed feelings

    My job totally changed a few months ago and it is no longer fun, so I decided to retire. Problem is that my husband has to work until January, 2020. I need to find things to do. I've been so caught up in my work, I don't have much of a social life. Lots of hobbies, but the kind that you do alone at home. Worried about depression, etc. Will likely end up working somewhere else, just to keep busy. (No kids or grandkids.) Anyone else in this situation?

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    Volunteer volunteer volunteer, I was a Senior Peer Counselor for 6 years and it was a wonderful experience. I saw one client at a time, one afternoon a week, and twice a month met with other counselors and our supervisor. Check with your local senior Area Agency on Aging. Now I still see one client unofficially atho I have quit the program, and I help her with her chores and shopping (she is 89 and blind, living independently). And I am on the Advisory council for the local AAA. Again, very rewarding.

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    Thanks, Sushipup and Jim, for the suggestions!

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    Another thing about volunteering is that the people who you work with will see your work ethic and it just might lead to a paid position somewhere. Jump in and do everything the right way!

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    Hi colorcrazy,
    What is it about freedom that you find disconcerting?
    ole joyfuelled ... with a bit o' help from a shot o' coffee, now and then



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