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    Anyone buying gold?

    I’m sure people do, but they are fools for doing it. How do I know? Because I used to! Gold and silver are not an appreciating asset, they are a fluctuating asset and can go up and down in price dependent on supply and demand. I haven’t followed long term trends in either from an investing standpoint, but am reasonably certain that if you factor in inflation and the cost of storing it then it’s not that great a store of value unless you somehow get very lucky and buy low and sell high. My own experience from collecting gold and silver coins bears that out.

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    In all honesty you would be better served investing your money in market index funds or stocks as you will get a better return on your investment. Speaking from my experience in gold and silver coinage, gold and silver are a terrible store of value. When I consider what I paid for the overwhelming bulk of my collection and index it for inflation, what I would get for selling them was a staggeringly bad return on investment…it’s a loss. That’s why I’ve been parting out what I have for some time now.

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    Investing in gold is the biggest fraud in the history of mankind. Money should not be saved, they must multiply, otherwise the whole meaning of money is lost.

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    Yeah I was buying Gold and Silver regularly for around five years. I have since discovered far better investments. Income that was earmarked for Gold now goes mostly to p2p lending.

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    I have never understood the concept of buying silver and gold. In the event of some catastrophe, people would think that gold would be precious, but how do you make change with it. Do you turn over an ounce of gold to someone in exchange for some carrots, potatoes, and 6 eggs? How does the farmer figure it out and what does he do with the gold he is collecting. Gold and silver are not our money systems at all, anymore than say bitcoin would be if all the computers crashed. Commerce will be most likely via the barter system. So if you really want to be a rich man, invest in toilet paper! Salt, Pepper (although it has a shelf life), invest in how to books, tools and the like.



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