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    hi I would like some other opinions on a situation my son has found his self in with an agent. I'll keep it brief but his tenant of three years has given notice. That in itself is fine they've been a good tenant and caused no problems. Over the last 3 years my son has purchased in other areas and has had the confidence to self manage those. Now the tenants are moving out he wants to consider his options. He has told the agents that he no longer wants them to manage the property because it needs a little bit of maintenance and he may even look at selling it and buy in a different area where he has found the yields to be better. His problem is the agent has become really awkward with him. They won't acknowledge his emails or phone calls. He has even been into the office to find out what's going on and they said until he instructed them in writing they wouldn't accept his request to end the relationship this is in spite of him putting it in several emails which they won't reply too.They are now talking about withdrawal fees which at least means they are acknowledging the request. Is it normal for the agent to charge a withdrawal fee? If we wanted to stop using them while the tenant was in I could understand them charging but if the tenant is leaving I thought that should simply end the agreement? They have been a lot more difficult than I have put here to be honest.

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    Disappointed with Agent

    What does it say in your contract ? but I wouldn't imagine they have a leg to stand on if the current tenant isn't staying in there and there not finding you a new tenant, to me this feels like scare mongering and would tell them to do one.

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    Thanks Engin that's how I see it to be honest. I intend to have a look at the contract in the next day or so but surely when the tenancy ends its back to square one nobody would have to stick with the same agent forever!

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    I have managed to take a look at the contract this morning.It clearly states that either party can give one months notice. It states that should the agreement be terminated whilst the tenancy continues a fee of 3 months rent shall become payable to the agent. So my understanding is that as the tenant has given notice and we have then given the agent a months notice that should be it. Which raises the question as to why they are holding onto the rent and not answering our calls and emails.

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    This is disappointing to hear. I was also going to say refer to your management agreement and this seems clear. The only thing that seems unclear is whether or not your son serving notice now, trips the 3-month fee rule or not...perhaps it does technically if the tenant has yet to leave?

    In addition to dealing with that technicality, I would establish which redress scheme the agent is a member of and start proceedings with them. As this can take some time, this is suggested both as a shot across the bows and also as a failsafe in case things don't get resolved.

    Walking into their offices is probably going to get a faster result, as long as you can get them to engage that way.

    They may just be disgruntled and trying to squeeze a bit more money from your son...or it could be more sinister, such as being in financial difficulty. Hence, why the twin-pronged approach is the best way to proceed. I am sure that Tim Wragby, a member here, can provide more in-depth info than me, so also consider reaching out to hm...he is a very helpful chap, with lots of letting agent knowledge and experience.



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