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    Anyone looked into doing this.

    Some people are making a LOT of money (as a in a few thousand!) designing a printable such as a planner or chart or some kind of design and bunging them up on Etsy and selling them for 1.50 each.

    Once it's up on their site you don't really need to do anything apart from promote it, seems like a great way to earning a passive income if you can design some kind of chart or planner that would help fix a problem for people.

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    Selling printables on Etsy

    Lol looks like I'm ruled out this one can't even draw a stick figure!

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    See you don't need to be able to draw that's the thing!

    You just have to make something like a "family chores rota" that looks nicely formatted in excel and can be printed out and stuck on a wall and you can earn from it everytime someone buys it!

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    Just been looking into it. Looks like a good way to earn a bit of spare cash. I'd be interested in hearing others experiences

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    That sounds very interesting Jon. Think I might have to check it out!



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