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    Best areas to buy in Manchester

    Hi there,

    I am looking to get a buy-to-let in Manchester and investigating the best areas to purchase in Manchester.

    I am looking to buy to rent to young professionals not students.

    I am currently looking at Salford Quays, Castlfield, Fallowfield and Failsworth. If anyone can provide any advice I would appreciate it.


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    Stick to Castlefield and Salford Quays which is next to Media City. Be wary though of the amount of new build flats in the pipeline in central Manchester which is where Castlefield is.

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    Hello Richard,
    Yes agree with Simon - re Salford Quays. I would have a look along Eccles New Road (M5) it's just outside Salford Quays so property prices are cheaper. You can walk to Salford Quays and the metro link runs parallel. You will get solid returns and may just increase your net yield. Be good to meet you at the Manchester Property hub Meetup. They are the first Thursday of the month and there are a good mix of investors.

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    I would second Mark's suggestion to head along to the Manchester Meetup as you will be able to chat to lots of local investors. You can get a free ticket here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-p...ts-25315653802

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    Great thank you all. I am living in Hong Kong but coming to Manchester next month to view properties. Looking at Salford Quays as it has 1 bedroom professional apartments close to transport links that seem suitable. If anyone has any other info on this particular area please feel free to add.



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