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    been rejected a student bank card

    how can i improve my credit score or chances that i will be accepted later on?

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    Is it a credit card that you were rejected for or a normal student account? Have you gotten a copy of your credit report? scores themselves are objective, it's a positive history that you need.

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    credit card and yes i managed to obtain one from experian and clearscore but for some reason the experian one is higher than clearscore

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    As i've said the scores are completely subjective, i've always had a higher score with one over the other, what you should be looking at is; are you on the electoral roll, is it suggesting you have negative factors?
    do you have a part time job at all? If you've no income other than a student loan then you'll struggle to find one that will accept you. Even when I was working 20 hours a week, i couldn't get a credit card with my bank only with a horrendous rate with aqua so had that for a while then when i started working full time i now have a 2.5k limit, it's a case of starting from the bottom if you've not a big credit history.

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    Ah it makes sense I'm also due to start a part time soon, and turns out I am but not at the current address I am at. it also says i have no settled accounts, but i do not have any other open accounts and my credit account is 16 months old, but i've had this account opened for more than 24 months.



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