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    Advice for my son on SIPP

    Hi Guys
    On my advice, our son wants to pay into a sipp for the next 10 years, he is 48 now.

    I suggested 2 options, and would appreciate some feedback please, my suggestions are....

    1- investing in Funsmith, Scottish Mortgage, Lindsell Train Global equal amounts.
    2- investing in Vanguard World all stocks.
    Although, he may not be able to do a sipp with Vanguard.

    My portfolio is
    LInsdell Train Global
    Scottish Mortgage
    Vanguard Europe ex Uk
    Vanguard Japan Stock

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    Personally, I think you've already given your son very good advice, especially Option 1.

    Also I think Terry Smith should seriously consider renaming his fund to Funsmith

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    Jim S

    Nice to hear your praise of my selection, at present, I do most of my investing through HL and I THINK, my son could (like me) deal directly with SMT and FS but don't think he can deal with LT, can you confirm that, or suggest alternative.

    I must admit, I like having all in one place, and I do like the HL site, but most on this site would warn me of higher charges I assume.

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    Nothing wrong with your suggestions, some very high quality and consistent funds. I would however personally prefer some more diversification to reduce risk, so would look at increasing the number of funds invested in. Examples would be:

    BG Emerging Markets Growth
    JPM Emerging Markets
    Jupiter India
    BG Japanese
    Investec Gold
    Pictet Robotics

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    There is overlap between Fundsmith and the LT fund. Prefer the latter.

    I would replace UU with Prudential ( I own the Pru) as bit of overlap with NG ( I own)

    As Secret Banker says more geographical/sector spread is needed.

    First State Global Infrastructure ( which I own) & Royal London Sterling Extra Yield Bond ( not ) should be considered as well as Threadneedle European Select. These 3 funds are run by experienced managers who have been in situ for several years.

    Finally, markets are quite high at the moment so I would suggest some phasing in.



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