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    Japan & China Funds with ISA


    I am thinking of switching a few funds on my ISA Portfolio

    Fidelity smaller companies - 10k

    Neptune 250 Mid Cap - 14k

    Just looking for ideas for a good Japanese and China fund to switch my investments into

    Thanks in advance

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    Usual caveats but I have done quite well out of Neptune Japan Opportunities and Baillie Gifford Smaller Japanese. Two very different funds......

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    I have done the same recently and opted for AJG for Japan and JSC for China.
    They don't have the cheapest ongoing charges, but I was put off BGFD and BGS by the high premiums.
    BG offer fund versions too if you would prefer.

    Possibly of interest:-

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    Legg Mason Japan Equity IF has been absolutely tremendous for me since I first started investing in this fund in late 2013.

    Has consistently outperformed the N225 index tracker that I also hold by over 50%.

    Tends to invest in smaller companies with their focus on "new Japan" and the domestic markets (healthcare, technology etc) so a little risky / volatile for some tastes. But for me it has been the absolute star fund in my entire portfolio.

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    For Japan, the BGFD & BGS ITs are at premiums to NAV. Consider the OEIC fund alternatives with BG.

    Also look at Lindsell Train Japanese Fund which offers something different.



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